The fact that you have chosen to stay in a traditional motel rather than an extravagant hotel already demonstrates that you are a budget-conscious person. However, you can take your knack for savings up to the next level by learning to save additional money on your next stay at a motel. The three tips below can help you to do just that.

Tip #1: Inquire About Rewards Programs

Just like many types of businesses, motels are interested in making sure that you return to their establishment the next time you are in need of somewhere to stay when traveling away from home. This is especially true for motel franchises that offer locations in many different cities and states. In order to help secure return customers, many motels will offer rewards or loyalty programs. These programs assign you points for each night you stay at the motel. These points can then be redeemed for either free nights or reduced rates on a future stay. In some cases, special offers will be put in place to allow you to earn free nights rather quickly. In these situations, you may even be able to reduce the price of your current stay by breaking your stay into two separate reservations and paying for the second reservation with the rewards points earned by the first half of your stay.

Tip #2: Contact The Motel Directly To Inquire About Special Rates

Many motels offer reduced rates for individuals who will be staying for a week or longer. Some motels also offer discounts for military personnel or seniors. These types of discounts will not typically be offered through online booking services or even when booking directly through the motel's automated reservation service. In order to secure these lower rates you will need to reach out the motel directly when making your reservation. If you are planning an extended stay, speaking with the manager directly could prove beneficial since these individuals often have the authority to negotiate a lower rate with you. 

Tip #3: Choose To Travel During Off-Peak Months When Possible

While motels routinely offer lower rates than high-end hotels, even chain motels will raise their rates during the peak traveling times. For this reason it is always best to travel during the off-season whenever possible if you wish to secure the lowest rates. If you absolutely must travel during a busy time, be sure to book your motel room as early as possible. This is important because as the demand for rooms rises and the supply begins to shrink, the rate associated with the remaining rooms will continue to go up further. 

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