These days, you have more options than ever when it comes to finding accommodations while on vacation. You can use apps to find couches to stay on free-of-charge, or you can rent an apartment or even a room in a home. With all of these choices available to you, is staying in a hotel still a smart choice? In many cases, yes. And here's why.

Hotels have many amenities

When you stay on someone's couch or in a rented apartment, you don't typically have access to as many amenities as you have access to in a hotel. There won't usually be a pool, a continental breakfast cooked for you, or a restaurant on-site. Generally, you won't have a maid service come clean the room and wash your towels as you do in a hotel. While these amenities may not be essential, they do make your stay more special -- and you deserve that touch of special treatment!

Hotels have multiple room options

What happens if there is a flood, heating malfunction, or another issue in the apartment you're staying in? There's not usually another place for you to go. In a hotel, however, there are multiple rooms. If something goes wrong with the room you are in, the hotel can move you to a different room. You don't have to worry about going out in the night, in search of alternative accommodations.

Hotels are formal businesses with long reputations

When you rent from an individual, you never quite know what you're going to get. People who rent apartments through apps are not usually professionals, and they don't have a professional reputation to uphold. Hotels, on the other hand, are standard businesses with set protocols for dealing with issues like plumbing emergencies and cancellations. You can expect to be treated consistently and with respect when you stay at a hotel. To treat you otherwise would mean compromising the hotel's reputation.

Hotels are easy to book

If you try to stay in a private apartment, you might struggle to actually book the stay. There may be several rounds of communication required with the host before you're actually able to book -- and they may even reject your request! Booking a hotel takes one phone call or a few clicks. And unless you are underage or have no way to pay, you can count on the hotel accepting your request to book a room. 

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