Taking your kids to Disney World is a must-do for many parents. But if you have a large brood, this can also become a survival test for parents. To help you make the best of this special family vacation and avoid burnout, here are five tips for any parent.

Spend Extra Days. Don't try to do all of Disney in jam-packed, sun-up-to-sun-down theme-park days. Instead, pay for an extra day or two so that you can come and go at a more child-friendly pace. Extra days allow you to go home for breaks, take naps, and leave when the children get too tired to enjoy themselves.

Stay Outside Disney. There is a lot to be said for the convenience of staying on the Disney property, but doing so can create an overload for small children or large families. Instead of immersing yourself only in Disney all the time, rent a condo nearby from a company like abbes condo rental. The more home-like environment of a rented condo gives the whole family a chance to relax and unwind, and it gives parents a rest from the Disney bombardment. It also saves money by allowing you to do things like make some meals at home, do laundry, and enjoy free game times.

Go in the Off Season. Avoid peak times at the park so that you can avoid having to navigate crowds and longer-than-normal lines. This may also save you money, since condo rentals are likely to be cheaper, and you may not need to buy a Disney Fast Pass if there are shorter lines.

Don't Park Hop. Since your ticket usually allows you to move between parks as often as you want, there is a temptation to try to do too much. Fight this urge and plan to only visit one park each day. Getting to and from parks takes longer than you'd think and can add to your children's crankiness. Once you've seen the parks individually, plan a day when you will go back to visit things you missed the first time or that you enjoyed enough to visit again. This dedicated "catch-up" day should be slower paced than the other days and allow for more travel time between parks.

Get off the Property. The advantage of staying outside the Disney property is that you can enjoy things beyond Disney World. Take a break from the mouse ears and visit a different theme park, attend a basketball game, go kayaking, or visit the botanical gardens. Or, rent a car and drive to nearby attractions like Kennedy Space Center or the quaint town of Winter Park. Whatever your family likes to do, take some time to do it together before heading back to the parks.

By knowing how to visit Disney World without going crazy, both you and your kids will take away even more special memories of the most magical place on Earth.