If you and a bunch of your friends make an annual pilgrimage to a different football or baseball stadium each season, it's likely a tradition that you're open to improving. One of the ways that you can make the experience better is by booking a family suite at a hotel instead of individual rooms. Suite-style hotels feature large rooms that are ideal for more than just traveling families; by booking one of these rooms, you can expect your sports road trip to be better than ever for a number of different reasons. Here are some specific advantages to opting for this type of room.

You'll Save Money

It can be expensive to book several rooms for your group. Even if you put two or three people into a room, you're often looking at a significant price tag for the accommodations on your trip. Family suites are much more affordable than you might think, given all of their amenities ā€” and they're certainly less money than booking several conventional guest rooms. Even if your group is sizable enough that you need to book a couple of suites, you can expect that the overall price tag for your accommodations will be less than you'd find for booking multiple standard guest rooms.

It Can Make Logistics Easier

When you have multiple people sleeping in different rooms, it's easy for a schedule to go awry. For example, if one person's alarm clock doesn't go off and the person doesn't show up in the lobby at the previously agreed-upon time, the day can get off to a rocky start. This type of hassle is impossible when you're staying in a family suite with your group. There's no chance of anyone sleeping when others are getting up and ready in the morning, meaning that your entire group will be ready to hit the road together.

It's Ideal If You're Drinking

If you and your group enjoy going out for dinner and having some beer during the meal, you'll either have to arrange for one person to serve as the designated driver or you'll need to call multiple taxis. Staying in a family suite can prevent such hassles. These rooms are equipped with large kitchens, as well as living room areas in which to gather, which means that you can either order in some food, buy some drinks and indulge without having to worry about driving, or you can even buy some ingredients and do some cooking in the room. Either way, you won't have to fuss over having a designated driver or paying for taxis.