There are so many different ways to look for an apartment now, but there are more than just apartments available too. Narrowing down what you want takes longer because then you have to narrow down how to search for it and find it. Instead, you could hire an apartment rental company. Here is how that works, and really works, to find you your new pad, house, home, etc.

Find the Apartment Rental Company

Most apartment rental companies advertise. It is an odd-one-out that does not, and you may want to avoid any company that does not advertise. Next, sign up to join. This could be free, as it is with most travel accommodations' websites, but it may also charge a membership fee. You may not know how much it costs to join until you get to the final screen and it asks for payment. Usually, this fee is a company charge to pay individuals to do all of the apartment hunting and filtering for you, or for other relevant operations costs. 

Fill out an Apartment Specifics Form

This is the form that tells the apartment rental company exactly what you want in an apartment. There are also spaces where you can list the things on which you are willing to compromise, such one shared bathroom for all members living in the apartment versus everyone gets their own bathroom. BE AS DETAILED AS POSSIBLE. Your company agent cannot find what you are looking for if you merely state "one bedroom apartment on the east side". The agent needs to know if you want a separate dining room, eat-in kitchen, utilities and/or cable included, pets allowed, on the bus line, etc. The more details you give your search agent, the easier it will be to find your dream apartment. Also, do not forget to list what the maximum rent is that you are willing to pay, or you may be viewing apartments that are way out of your budget.

Include Personal Contact Info and Best Time of Day for Calls and Viewing

Because some apartment rental companies will also schedule apartment viewings for you, you need to include your personal contact info and the best time of the day for calls and viewing appointments. This helps the agent keep in touch with you and get you connected to the landlord or landlady who is willing to show you an apartment on a specific date and time. Narrow windows of opportunity for apartment viewing happen more often than you think, and if you miss an opportunity, the next person to view that apartment might take it. 

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