Whether you travel frequently for your job, or you simply travel occasionally for pleasure purposes, finding suitable lodging while away from home is important. If you're able to stay at the best hotels, then you can enjoy an abundance of amenities. Thanks to current and upcoming technological advancements, you may have the ability to enjoy even greater amenities. Here is an overview of some of these exciting advancements:

Tablet check-ins

Hotel check-in can sometimes be extremely frustrating and time-consuming, especially when there are long lines and a shortage of staff. In an effort to personalize the check-in process, some hotels have navigated away from the traditional check-in process, choosing to replace it with a more one-on-one approach. With the new, more innovative check-in process, hotel personnel can meet you at any location and complete the process via a tablet that is integrated with their system. Not only is this new process more convenient for you and other guests, but it can minimize costs for hotels by eliminating the necessity for conventional reception desks.

Mobile phone & improved hotel experiences

Realizing how much the average guest relies on his or her cellular phone, increasing amounts of hotels are incorporating the use of mobile phones into the entire lodging experience. Cellular devices can now be used as room keys, as well as connected to credit cards, enabling easy charging of almost anything during your stay via the hotel's intranet system. 

The use of TVs as computers

Even when traveling for pleasure, accessing the internet for whatever reason is something that many guests desire to do while at their hotels. Even guests who don't have laptops with them can access the internet, as a result of a recent advancements. Some hotels are enabling guests to use the room TV as a computer, and all that is necessary is the use of a hotel-provided keyboard and touchpad. 

Automatic "do not disturb" indicators

Some of the more premiere establishments have introduced the use of specially-created heat-detecting sensors that can alert housekeeping staff of the rooms that are occupied. Traditional methods of communicating "do not disturb" are still available, but this new innovation makes things much more convenient. 

As the hotel industry continues to introduce new and innovative advancements, you can expect numerous additional improvements to become available in the near future. Hotels are starting to cater to guests, whether through the use of social media, or in some other manner. Regardless of how hotels decide to exceed the needs of their guests, the innovations that are created as a result will benefit you and other travelers in a variety of ways. Contact a hotel near your intended destination to see which of these amenities are available.